Bay Ridge Center programs are on Zoom


Join by computer or other device or with a simple telephone call.
If you are new to Zoom:

Read through the instructions below, or,

Follow a step-by-step with pictures on Senior Planet, or,

see Getting Started on Zoom.

See our calendar for programs and Zoom links.

For personal help, email BRC Tech Advisor David Dring.

Tips on using Zoom


Zoom is an online meeting service. It allows video conferencing to happen from all devices, including desktop computers, laptops, tablets and smart phones. It does require software to be installed onto your device, which can be downloaded from Normally, this software is automatically downloaded the first time you use Zoom on a new device.


If the software doesn’t download automatically, go to and click the download button for “Zoom Client for Meetings.” That will download to your computer, then click “run” to install that application.


Once the application loads, you may be asked for a Meeting ID, which is the ten numbers in the link to the Zoom meeting. For example, the link looks like:, so the Meeting ID is 718 333 5782.


Once you enter the room, the service automatically turns on your video camera. If for whatever reason you need to turn it off (and we don’t recommend that), there is a link to the video camera icon in the lower left corner. Also, in this corner is the microphone icon. Click on this if you ever want to mute yourself.


It’s preferred for you to be in “Gallery View”. This option is available in the upper right-hand corner. When you are in Gallery View, you’ll see everyone in the meeting in a panel on your screen similar to