Keeping Our Distance While Keeping Connected

Here's a little of what Bay Ridge Center and Connects staff and programs leaders are up to

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Thank You Students!


We would like to thank the nursing students from St. Francis College for providing us with engaging, interesting and informative topics on Tuesday and Thursday mornings during out Health Chat.


They also provided some members with an opportunity to speak privately with the students concerning some questions and concerns that they had about their own health.  We all came away from these sessions with greater knowledge. Thank you also to the members who participated, it was a great opportunity for the students in this challenging time.

Good luck to our future nurses!

Pictured are some of the nurses, participants and supervisors from our last session, Dec. 10, 2020. Click on the image to enlarge.

Kwarantine Kitchen


One of our earliest virtual programs, Kwarantine Kitchen features demonstrations by amateur chefs, culinary professionals, and participants. We share our favorite recipes and figure out together how to creatively use/repurpose the food in our kitchens and the food sent to us by the city agencies. Kwarantine Kitchen is facilitated by Rachael Marotta.

Pictured is our class on knife skills presented by an expert chef.

First Time Online!

Members and class leaders welcomed Jo (top left) to her first virtual class after learning how to use an iPad. Yay!


Bay Ridge Center offers PEER TO PEER TUTORING. If you want individual help with your computer, tablet or smartphone or have a specific issue please ask us! Schedule an appointment by contacting Steeve Coupeau, Community Engagement Coordinator, by email  or call him at 646-715-9134.

Sign Language Demonstration

Exploring Arts and Culture on December 8 featured guest Ellen Boda, an American Sign Language Interpreter.

Listen to what this participant has to say about her virtual meditation class — and join us online. See the calendar and pick an activity!

"We all leave feeling better than we felt when we arrived."

If you can't join our Meditation classes on Monday and Wednesday, try this audio/video version created by our former meditation instructor, Braden Marks.