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(See a special tech tip from David Dring at the bottom of this article.)

Bay Ridge Center is known for its technology prowess. For years, it has hosted Senior Tech, the largest technology showcase in Brooklyn. It was among the first locations to work with OATS (Older Adult Technology Services) offering professional grade technology training. And its own team has offered high caliber technology training to bridge the digital divide. Plus, the management team is constantly looking to explore next generation technologies and advocating for affordable, high-speed Internet connectivity.

When the pandemic closed the agency to any onsite programming, we pivoted quickly to offering virtual programs. For some this was an effortless transition, because of their experience with internet services. For others this was more difficult. We provided individual coaching to folks that had any difficulty using Zoom, the online service we opted for our virtual programs.

We provided between four to six technology-based classes per week. Overall, there were between 25-30 classes offered including arts, educational, exercise, health management, recreational and technology.

This has been a common refrain among participants of the technology classes:

“I was afraid of looking like a fool…”

“The instructor, David Dring, is very patient and answered all of my questions. He didn’t make it complicated nor did he use those ‘techie’ words we so often hear from the younger generation.”

“Every class starts out with question time. If you have a question about any device you use David does a good job of answering it. If he needs to do more research he will get back to you at the next class. We all learn from each other’s questions.”

“We’ve been doing the tech classes for over a year and not only have we learned more technology but we have come together as a group of friends. None of us knew one another before the classes started. But now we enjoy one another’s company. There is always room for more so we look forward to seeing you the next time we meet,” said MD.

We couldn’t have said it better than BP:

“Bay Ridge Center makes technology easier and gives me more confidence.”

Join us! To learn more about the class offerings, please visit or call 718.748.0650. You may also reach out to David directly at

David's Tech Tip: Chrome Update

Chrome is the browser (the app that allows one to see and hear information on the Internet) made by Google. Over the last few weeks there have been some vulnerabilities (areas that are open to hackers) and Google has responded to these with patches. Therefore, I highly encourage you to update your Chrome browser to the latest version: 92.0.4515.159.

You can check your Chrome’s version by 1) selecting the three dots menu in the upper right, then 2) select settings, and finally 3) "about chrome" at the bottom of the left navigation.

These vulnerabilities do not affect Firefox, Safari, Edge or other browsers.

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