STAND4 Gallery Tour

On February 10, Mary Ann Coughlin met a group of members at CONNECTS for a short walk to the STAND4 art gallery. Here's Mary Ann's report and photos:

Jeannine Bardo, artistic director and featured artist of STAND4 Gallery and community art space hosted a showing and a conversation of her latest work, New Myths and Varied Tales: Truth, Lies and Shiny Objects. Jeannine's work focuses on our relationship to the natural world and to one another. Her installation welcomed us into a space of shared stories that together have been transformed into new myths and varied tales as a way to make sense of the trauma and violence we inflict upon the Earth and one another.

We had interesting conversations based on hope,love and beauty, darkness and light. Everyone enjoyed their visit and are looking forward to future exhibits.

Here's our group at the gallery with the artist Jeannine Bardo. She's standing by her work "Raven Queen" and in another photo reading from her poem that goes with an artwork called "Indigo Bunting." (Click on photos to enlarge.)

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