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Updated: Nov 20, 2020

How well do you sleep? A lively discussion took place at the November 17 Morning Health Chat with nursing students from St. Francis College in Brooklyn. The students gave a webinar presentation for about 20-30 minutes, and questions and discussion filled the the rest of the hour — and beyond! There were so many questions, comments, and sharing of ideas for getting better sleep that the program ran overtime.

Here are some of the slides from the presentation (click for a larger view slideshow):

Some of the questions and ideas that came up in discussion included:

  • taking Melatonin and questions about proper doses (ask your doctor; start with a low dose and see if it works for you)

  • getting enough exercise during the day (take our exercise classes, go for a walk)

  • doing some stretching before bed

  • reading in bed until eyes get droopy

  • placing a small pillow between legs helps some with back problems

  • watching TV, but try to watch something sweet – happy endings – rather than the news or shows with dark themes.

  • acknowledging that these times are stressful with Covid and all. Even if we think we are doing ok we may not be, so it helps to connect with each other — even on Zoom. Moving into winter, we do need to find things that make us happier and lighter and less stress.

  • doing breathing exercises with proper breathing technique (belly breathing; watch a baby breathe; feel your abdomen rise and fall); Mary Ann Coughlin recommends the book Breath by James Nestor. Bay Ridge Center's Saturday Yoga Relaxation session includes breathing exercises for helpful techniques.

Nursing Students and Bay Ridge Center members
Supervisors and students with some of the attendees talking about how to get a good sleep.

One of BRC’s members asked the students if there was much discussion in their classes about preparing to work night shifts when they graduate. First jobs for nurses often involve the night shift, which can really mess up your sleeping patterns. This led to useful tips for the students too.

Bay Ridge Center’s Health Management Specialist, Mary Ann Coughlin, organizes the twice-a-week programs with the nursing department. The St. Francis Tuesday/Thursday sessions are listed on our calendar. We also had excellent presentations from Long Island University nursing students that ended November 20.

Join future sessions by phone or computer and share your experiences or ask your questions. Thanks to the students for their excellent contribution to our programs!

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