Updated: Feb 24, 2021

BAY RIDGE VOLUNTEERS, a new initiative of Bay Ridge Center and Bay Ridge Connects, aims to build an online community of inquisitive learners and knowledgeable tutors working in synergy to solve specific problems as needed.

Applicants for volunteering opportunities will be asked to complete a Skills Assessment Survey to best match tutors with requests for tutoring. Tutoring will conducted both remotely and on-site post-pandemic. Bay Ridge Volunteers will implement safety measures including: 1) Monitoring of peer-to-peer sessions; 2) Vetting; 3) Data protection and; 4) Confidentiality.

Tutoring sessions occur in a Zoom room. Volunteers will require the ability to connect to the internet on a device with a camera and microphone during tutoring sessions. Video settings should be “on” for all parties during sessions. Each tutoring session lasts 1 hour.

Sessions are One-On-One with the peer tutor who freely donates his or her time. Tutors will demonstrate intermediate to high levels of competency in subject areas. They should have the motivation to help others and exhibit a basic comfort level with computers and Zoom. For tutors who may not be as comfortable with the technology component of virtual tutoring, the Community Engagement Coordinator will trouble-shoot and solve any Zoom issues. Thereafter, volunteers receive email communication between sessions including email regarding tutor/client pairings.

If you are interested in becoming a peer tutor, please contact Michael

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