Living Well at Bay Ridge Center

To live well is an important aim. One we take seriously at Bay Ridge Center. How can we ensure our 2,000+ seniors, veterans, and persons with disabilities thrive despite obstacles of food insecurity, lack of digital access, and poverty. Well – it’s a tall order. But, our programs and services feed the hungry, connect the unconnected, and combat poverty. We ensure our members not only survive, but thrive in a happy, successful life right here in Brooklyn, NY.

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To live well is a multifaceted effort: healthy resources and choices can and should lead to a happier life! That is why I am so proud to work with fellow Social Work Intern Margaret Rau to help our members enjoy a more fruitful existence during these uncertain times. I worked with Margaret under the guidance of our clinical, administrative, and technology staff to create a six part series: “Living Well” (next session Feb. 24). These webinars allow for me to apply what I learn in social work school and explore ways of improving livelihoods including through civic engagement, holistic health, and navigating life transitions.

Civic engagement is an avenue for our members to empower themselves and their peers by participating in the neighborhood, city, state, and federal community. We will welcome guest speaker Josephine Beckmann who is the Community Board 10 District Manager. Ms. Beckmann will define civic engagement, explain its importance, and explore ways for folks of all backgrounds to get started through various volunteer opportunities. Members will also be afforded a warm introduction to Ms. Beckmann who is here for community members and their families!

Holistic health classes will cover the benefits of acupressure and meditation while providing essential oils to our attendees to participate in a virtual demonstration to show how to use them properly and feel the benefits.

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The sequence on life transitions will discuss and consider the various and many transitions in our lifetimes. Through this class, we hope to discuss what the next life transition means to our members and provide supportive discussion to educate our group, leaving them more confident in what comes next. We will also be gaining some insight from guest speaker, Judy Grimaldi of Grimaldi and Yeung, LLP, to help with any questions or concerns that may arise. This is an exciting series of classes for our members at the Bay Ridge Center and we look forward to seeing some friendly faces via Zoom!

Lily Moldan is an intern with Bay Ridge Center and an MSW Candidate in

Clinical Practice with Individuals, Families, and Groups at the Silberman School of Social Work.

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