Digital Ads Boost Age-friendly Businesses of Bay Ridge

Updated: Apr 12, 2021

By Jirazel Munoz

In an effort to promote the economy of local businesses as well as the membership of Bay Ridge Center’s online community “Bay Ridge Village”, I have recruited local businesses, conversed with CEOs and facilitated the digital marketing efforts…and…I’m just getting started.

I am a Social Work Intern at Bay Ridge Center, and I have the opportunity to engage local businesses impacted by the pandemic who are eager to serve our seniors. This opportunity provides the business with a rotating space on the Village’s home page for their advertisement. BRC encourages businesses to provide an exclusive discount code for the members of our online community. This experience has been extremely valuable and worthwhile for everyone involved.

Many of the businesses in Bay Ridge are extremely cordial and have made the time to listen to what this opportunity offered. In the words of one of our vendors who has struggled to reach seniors during the pandemic: “Thanks so much for this opportunity.”

We have successfully partnered with six local businesses whose advertisements are now on the Bay Ridge Village. The Village has also welcomed non-profit and government partners who are able to spread really important information and resources to our digital community. Engaging with local businesses has been a pleasure. Although this experience has highlighted how amazing our local businesses are, it has also shed light on the drastic impact that the COVID pandemic has had on the local economy.

Many businesses have closed their doors due to the pandemic while others expressed that they are not ready to advertise their services, as they were severely impacted and limited due to new guidelines and safety regulations. Nevertheless, businesses who have decided to participate have been happy to provide discount codes for our members. This is something that has made our members tremendously happy. In fact, one of the members I have spoken to was excited to hear about the discount code for the local pet shop: “Thank you so much for the discount. I am able to afford better and more high quality pet food with the discount code.”

All in all, it has been amazing to be a part of such a beneficial opportunity. Not only does it bring joy to the members of the Village, but it also helps boost the local economy. During these unprecedented times, it is imperative that we support our local businesses in any possible way.

Jirazel Munoz is a social work intern from the NYU Silver School of Social Work.

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