A Wonderful Day Together Again!

Huge thanks go out to all the Board Members, Senior Advisory Committee members, volunteers and staff who worked so hard to make the Summer Celebration of Giving — our first in-person fundraiser since 2019 — a great success. (Be sure to wait for the slideshow below; it may take a minute to load.)

Not only was it wonderful to be together with friends we hadn't seen since March 2020, all the hard work paid off in making it a successful FUNDS-raiser too. More than 115 individuals bought Celebration and raffle tickets, showed up, and stayed through sun, rain, sun, rain and more sun!

We appreciated that Assembly Member Michael Tannousis joined us and spoke briefly, and center member Crystal Ferucci announced the next special event, the Senior Advisory Council Fall Flea Market, which is scheduled for Saturday September 18.

The Lutheran School Backyard was a perfect venue, with plenty of room for tables and tents and use of indoor space for serving food and displaying the incredible collection of donated raffle prizes. There were more than 60 offerings and a lot of happy winners!

Thank you so much to Bay Ridge's own (and excellent) Good Time Band, Whippoorwill, for keeping us entertained with a great selection of music. And thanks to all of our sponsors who also made this day fun and fund-raising.

It was great to be together again!

(click on the image below to see all the photos in the slideshow)

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