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We are open for in-person programs on a modified schedule. Please call ahead if you would like to register for an in-person program. See the calendar for our virtual and in-person programs, sign up for our Email List for program schedule and announcements, and please read about our reopening guidelines here.


MEET DIRECTOR: YIFAN XUEYifan Xue joined the staff in July 2021. She has a masters degree in social work from Columbia University and is enthusiastic about clinical work. Yifan has an Aussie puppy, Buddy. She comes from Shanghai, China, and has lived in the U.S. for 6 years. Yifan loves playing guitar and piano, boxing, rock-climbing and all poker games.


Look for Connects programs with the "get connected" image on our calendar.


Bay Ridge Connects, 7609 Third Avenue, has shelves of wonderful books. Stop by and select one that will satisfy you. Read it, keep it, or pass it along to a friend. 


The books are all FREE for you to ENJOY! No appointment needed.

Bay Ridge Connects is an outgrowth of the Bay Ridge Center (BRC), which has been an anchor for the local senior community for more than forty years. Although affiliated with BRC, this second, store-front location offers a unique opportunity to embrace new programming and engage a wider and more diverse population.

Bay Ridge Connects is situated in a newly renovated space with a high degree of visibility on Third Avenue to encourage passers-by to stop in. The center is set up with state-of-the-art technology for tech-savvy users — or for training those who aren't.

Our goal is for Bay Ridge Connects to be an inclusive and welcoming space. Earlier this year we held a number of focus groups to hear from our community about what needs they feel 

aren't being met. By continuing with this member-centered approach, we hope that Bay Ridge Connects will flourish as the vibrant, active and diverse community center we envision it to be. 

Bay Ridge Connects is made possible through  funding from the New York State Office for the Aging and the NYC Department for the Aging.


See our website calendar for virtual and in-person programs


Made possible through funding from the New York State Office for the Aging and the NYC Department for the Aging.

For background on Bay Ridge Connects, see the Bay Ridge Center's "55+ Neighborhood Needs Survey Report."