The Fitness Instructors


Chair Yoga taught every Wednesday at 1:00 pm is the ultimate antidote to stress. An ancient discipline combining physical and mental practices, it consists of a series of physical postures, breath control, and deep relaxation. Sitting comfortably and safely in a chair, the breathing techniques aid in releasing toxins and stress from the body and mind. The physical poses, executed at one's own pace, help tone and strengthen the body and internal organs, as well as increase flexibility and balance. They also help to reduce chronic pain and fatigue. Finally, the deep relaxation instills peace of mind and heart. With consistent practice, Yoga can enrich anyone's life through self-empowerment and balance by promoting good health, mental alertness and concentration, and a supple and relaxed body.





Mary Ann Coughlin, Physical Therapist, is our exercise instructor for the Stretch and Tone exercise classes and the balance classes offered at the Center twice a week. She also teaches the Tai Chi for Arthritis class on Wednesday afternoons. The exercise classes are designed so that everyone can participate regardless of their level of fitness. Mary Ann has been trained in the SAIL program which is an evidence-based program meaning Stay Active and Independent for Life. She will incorporate this training into her classes. Anyone who participates will be given a short fitness test so that we can watch your progress as you get stronger. All classes can be done sitting or standing and can be modified to meet your needs. There is no stress and no expectations; just a desire to become stronger and better balanced. The Tai Chi for Arthritis, developed by Dr. Paul Lam is a gentle, relaxing, mind and body strengthener designed to promote balance and mobility. Who can't use more balance in their life? Mary Ann believes that everyone can exercise regardless of their limitations.







Mary Ann P.’s classes are Strength and Flexibility and Arthritis Exercises. The first improves cardio health and Mary Ann reports that class members have come a long way increasing from 120 to 135 beats or 70% of their target rate. Her arthritis class is vital for those suffering from the affliction and improves flexibility by strengthening the muscles around the joints. Mary Ann is enthusiastic about the participation of both classes and extremely gratified by the appreciation her students have shown her. Her students have also shared that their doctors and family have commented on the improvements in their health and flexibility.