May 2022: COVID numbers are rising again. The City is on yellow alert now.


FREE Covid-19 supplies: ​At-home Covid-19 test kits, Masks and Sanitizer

Informational brochures (English, Spanish, Russian, Arabic).

Stop and pick some up!
7609 Third Avenue, Bay Ridge, Mon. - Fri., 9 am - 5 pm

Thanks to the NYC Test & Trace Corps.

All of our services are FREE. The Covid-19 vaccine & many testing sites are free.

Services in Spanish, Russian, Arabic, and Chinese

We can help with:

• Scheduling vaccine and booster appointments (all ages) with free transportation (60+).
• Answering questions about the vaccine, deciding which vaccine is right for you.
• Scheduling a COVID test/finding a testing center.
• Help finding home COVID test or getting insurance reimbursement for a test.
• Help/guidance deciding what test to take and/or determine which precautions to follow (i.e. do I need a test? do I need to quarantine? how long should I quarantine? etc...)
• Help obtaining proof of vaccine (i.e. Excelsior Pass)

Please contact us: (718) 333-5782 or ConnectToVaccine@BayRidgeCenter.org

Why get vaccinated and boosted? Click on the chart...

All New Yorkers are eligible for the COVID-19 booster shot. Those with a booster shot are significantly more protected from COVID-19 than those who do not have a booster. Especially for those who are immunocompromised or have loved ones who are, the booster is critical to protecting yourself and others from severe COVID-19 infection. COVID-19 boosters have been shown to effectively protect against severe illness, even via variants. Your booster does not need to be the same brand as your original vaccine doses. Additionally, all boosters are free, making it easy and convenient to get boosted here in NYC!


NYC COVID and Vaccine information (click for more info)

Follow the link to check the Covid-19 alert level in NYC and the city's recommendations for prevention and safety. Most indoor locations are not requiring proof of vaccination as of late Spring 2022, but if you need proof, we can help you download the Excelsior Pass onto your smart-phone or get you the digital copy of your vaccination record that can be shown as proof-of-vaccine when needed, such as for travel abroad.

Connect-To-Vaccine program is made possible with a generous grant from Brooklyn Communities Collaborative (BCC). We are very grateful to continue operating as a key COVID-19 related resource in Bay Ridge. We will be open through July 15, 2022.

Original funding for this program included grants from the Robin Hood Foundation and Maimonides Medical Center/Community Care of Brooklyn.