Bay Ridge Center Statement
in the Wake of George Floyd's Murder

The Bay Ridge Center proudly serves a multicultural & multiracial community of older adults. It is the very diversity of our colleagues, members, and community that emboldens and inspires us every day. Since 1976, we have empowered aging citizens right here in Brooklyn, New York — a melting pot of racial, religious, ethnic, gender, and age diversity.  Now, in the year 2020, confronted once again with the racial inequities that continue to suppress people of color throughout our nation, our city, and our neighborhood, we are all called upon to stand in solidarity and cry out for justice.   

Faced with George Floyd’s heartless public murder and the profound violence against people of color in our criminal justice system, we at Bay Ridge Center wish to express our outrage and stand against racism in all its forms. We are proud to salute the peaceful protests and demands for change and to support an end to the inequitable policies that have plagued people of color in our nation for far too long.

As we look toward our 45th year of operation, we are firm in our commitment to examining our own internalized racism and work together with our staff and our members to create a truly equitable environment where injustice will not be tolerated and all people are encouraged to thrive.  We recognize that we can and must improve.

With respect,

Bay Ridge Center

June 2020