Response Report to Bay Ridge Age Friendly Committee


The following surveys were taken at an AARP meeting at Shore Hill 9000 Shore Road, Bethany Senior Center, district office of Community Board Ten and local senior clubs. 182 Surveys were returned.



1. Which area of Brooklyn do you reside?

Bay Ridge - 152 Dyker Heights - 30


2. Do you feel you have enough time to cross street safely?

No - 139 Yes - 45


3. Are there streets you find difficult to cross? (multiple responses)

86th Street at 5th Avenue 28 seniors

91st and Shore Road 25 seniors

3rd Avenue – 80s and 90s 15 seniors

Shore Road at 91st Street 12 seniors

Bay Ridge Parkway at 4th Ave. 10 seniors

Fort Hamilton Pkway @ 65 St 18 seniors

Fort Hamilton Pkway @ 75 St 8 seniors

4th Avenue – 80s and 90s 7 seniors

69th Street at 3rd Avenue 5 seniors

86th Street at 4th Avenue 9 seniors

Marine at 4th Avenue 4 seniors

68 Street at Colonial Road 4 seniors

Bay Ridge Avenue at 12th Ave 4 seniors

4. a. Are you familiar with CityBench?

Yes – 79 No – 19

b.Do you need to rest walking?

Yes – 75 No - 20


5. Locations for City Bench Requests.

86th Street at 3rd Avenue

81st Street Overpass – B16, B70 bus

1037 72nd Street (Bethany Lutheran Church)

13th Avenue


6. a. Do you think your immediate neighborhood has enough lighting in the evening?

Yes 74 No 26

b. Where would you like to see more lighting?

Side streets in the 90s

Marine between 4th and 5th Avenues

4th Avenue

Along Shore Road


7. Are street signs visible enough for you to read easily?

Yes - 62 No – 38

If not why?

Print too small - 60; Faded Signs – 23; Blocked Trees- 7; Poor lighting-10


8. Do you use a wheelchair, walker or cane?

Yes-28 No – 68


9. Are crosswalks manageable?

Yes 32 No 60

Locations – better crosswalks

91st at Shore Road

91st at 3rd Avenue

3rd Avenue between 91st and 92nd Street

Colonial Road

Ridge Blvd.


Safety Concerns


* Want to see more police on streets

* Drug dealing – disorderly groups on 72nd Street at 3rd Avenue